Hacking on the HTTP API


This process describes how to hack efficiently on the HTTP API.

For hacking on the code in general, you should be able to operate the Terkin Datalogger Sandbox and the MicroTerkin Agent well. Knowing something about the Terkin Firmware maintenance mode will also do no harm.

Steps outlined in this document assume you are running the development sandbox successfully.


  1. For the baseline sandbox installation, please follow the documentation at operate the Terkin Datalogger Sandbox.

  2. Disable deep sleep and watchdog features in your settings.py.

  3. Provision source code and restart the device

# Start MicroTerkin Agent
make terkin-agent action=monitor

# Watch console output
make console

# Upload files and restart the device
make recycle-ng

4. Send requests to the HTTP API

http "http://$(cat .terkin/floatip)/status"


The file terkin/api/http.py will be the right place to look at.

Have fun!