Setup on MicroPython

Install firmware

Genuine MicroPython

# Acquire firmware file.

# Identify serial number.
dfu-util --list

# Install firmware on device.
dfu-util --serial="355931523037" --download PYBD-SF3-20191220-v1.12.dfu

Pycom MicroPython

See Pycom firmware upgrade.

Install Terkin

Download release

Release artifacts will be published to

They are available in three flavors:

  • terkin-datalogger-x.x.x-source.tar.gz The bare source code.

  • terkin-datalogger-x.x.x-pycom-mpy-1.11.tar.gz Cross-compiled modules for Pycom MicroPython.

  • terkin-datalogger-x.x.x-genuine-mpy-1.12.tar.gz Cross-compiled modules for Genuine MicroPython.

Upload to device

Genuine MicroPython

The filesystem of the PYBOARD-D device will get mounted on your workstation. Thus, it is easy to transfer the files.

Pycom MicroPython

The most convenient way to upload the release files to your device will be by using FTP. We recommend FileZilla.